Top 5 spring and summer DIYs

When the sun starts to shine brighter, flowers begin to bloom and I start fantasising of Paris, Cannes and Mykonos - you know its spring and summer is just around the corner. While my DIY count is generally lower in the spring and summer, that doesn't mean its at a standstill - spring is a perfect time to update your interior design and clean out old nonfunctioning pieces. These are my top five favourites at the moment, five DIYs I can't wait to do!

The links to all the tutorials, where the photo is from, can be found directly under the photo. These bloggers and DIYers are all amazingly talented!

1. Spiky fortune teller lamp

Allison over at The 3 R's created this amazing lamp, that surprisingly enough is made out of paper! Yep, the title says it all - it's made out of those paper fortune tellers I always used to do as a kid. Amazing!

2. Holder for a cellphone and its charger - made from a lotion bottle!

I absolutely love this DIY - it's truly one of those perfect examples of making practical and beautiful pieces for nearly zero cost. Will be making this very, very, veeeery soon! 

UPDATE: I made this literally five hours after making this post. Photo coming soon!

3. Flutter curtains knock-off from Antropologie

This DIY completely blew me away. These curtains remind of something from a fairly tale, or a beautifully and whimsically decorated nursery. I want to do these in a heart beat - if it weren't for the tremendous amount of labour included, that is. I'm trying to convince myself though! Would be perfect for spring and summer, and in the winter this might remind one of falling snow. I love it!


4. Felt circle pillows

Spring is the season of pop colours, and this DIY is a tribute to this. I love the look of this pillow, and will definitely attempt to recreate it soon!

5. DIY Wire Baskets 

This really is one of those super-pretty DIYs for the home that just also happens to be incredibly cheap and useful. I will definitely do this, they look amazing! I love that industrial-meets-leather look.

And that's it, folks! I hope these DIYs inspired you as much as they have me - and have you running for the thrift shop or the hardware store for supplies!

Stay crafty,

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